That date, according to the game’s publisher, is May 27, 2014, and it’s coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Watch_Dogs was initially going to ship as an Xbox One launch title last November, but was delayed until 2014 shortly before the console shipped.

There are two versions of why, exactly, it was delayed. The first is the obvious PR answer, that “the focus here is on delivering the best possible game and being a leader on the next-gen, rather than releasing the game prematurely”, which is the answer given by Gary Steinman, the Communications Manager over at the Ubisoft Blog. It’s really just “we wanted to make it a better game, so we delayed it”.

The second answer, and the one that contains an actual relatable reason for the delay, is that Ubisoft saw how amazing Grand Theft Auto V was, they realised that Watch_Dogs wasn’t quite up to the same standard, and opted to spend the next 7 months polishing the hell out of it to bring it more in line with what gamers would be expecting in the wake of Rockstar’s smash-hit open-worlder.

Laurent Detoc, the president of Ubisoft’s US operations, essentially said as much (without actually saying it) in an interview with IGN in December. His actual words were:

But without sending them too many flowers, the guys at Rockstar have showed us again that if you make a 96-percent game, people will come. Watch Dogs, I can only hope we get to that level. There’s an attachment to the brand, in the case of GTA, that makes people really want to give it that 100-percent review. We’ll be missing that on Watch Dogs until we go further, potentially. That’s what we’re after.

And there you have it. Watch_Dogs is coming soon-ish, although not soon enough to soothe the burn that is Titanfall skipping South Africa entirely.

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