We were as annoyed as you when we heard that EA’s epic mech-battler Titanfall wasn’t going to be released in South Africa. Especially as we had only a few days to deal with the news. We gnashed our teeth. We signed the petitionalong with a whopping 1 600 of you – but our protests fell on deaf ears.

The reason Titanfall isn’t coming here is, apparently, because there are no local servers to guarantee smooth framerates. Speaking as a dedicated PlanetSide 2 player (MMO game, number of SA servers = 0) I say let us be the judge of that.

And now we can.

Titanfall launched in the US yesterday, on Xbox One at least (a complete list of the bizarrely staggered release dates is on the Titanfall Wikipedia page. See if you can make sense of them). And it just so happens that there’s a fair few South African gamers who a) couldn’t wait for theĀ  South African release of the Xbox One – due date TBA – and so bought consoles from the US and b) now have working copies of Titanfall.

So is it really as bad as EA feared? There were some launch glitches that affected everyone, irrespective of geographical area, sure. But from what we gleaned on Twitter this afternoon, the ping times are it’s no better or worse than any other multiplayer game played from a console over here. Frankly, as a PC gamer used to single digit pings, I’m terrified. But such is the console way of life apparently.

Obviously this isn’t empirical evidence, given that we’ve only got three or people trying it out and can’t compare Xbox 360 or PC versions yet. But the conversation went something like this, and they weren’t promising for EA. If you’ve played Titanfall and want to add your experiences – let us know in the comments section or send us a tweet at @htxtafrica.

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