Sharing game screenshots and videos with your friends has never been easier thanks to the PlayStation 4’s new Share button.

Since the PS4 is always recording what you’re doing, when you hit the Share button a video of the last 15 minutes of gameplay is ready to be edited and uploaded.

Editing options aren’t extensive – you can only set starting and ending points for your clip –┬ábut they are just enough to let you quickly and easily show off that really cool move you just pulled or that amazing online moment you’ve just witnessed.

To show you just how easy it is (if you’re not already familiar with it), we’ve put together this quick How To.

Step 1:

Play a game of your choosing. Hint: This one’s pretty good.


Step 2:

Press the Share button on your controller.


Step 3:

Select Upload Video Clip.


Step 4:

Choose the clip you’d like to share.


Step 5:

Choose the start and end point of your video. The PS4 automatically cuts your footage down to size and saves it as a new video.


Step 6:

Select Facebook or Twitter as the online destination for your video upload.


Step 7:

Your friends and followers will see your video posted to your chosen social media platform once the upload is complete.

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