Come October, you’re going to need many, many changes of underwear. Not because of Halloween, but because that’s the month Alien: Isolation is coming out for all major platforms.

SEGA has just announced via press release that the game will ship on October 7, so by the time the 31st rolls around, you’ll be so immune to regular scares that they just won’t matter anymore.

That’s because Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game set in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe that pits your under-armed, pretty-much-defenceless self against a single, powerful xenomorph that’s actively hunting you down.

Instead of Ellen Ripley, you’ll be playing her daughter, Amanda, as she sets out to find out what happened to her mom. The game takes place¬†in the space station Sevastopol, whose environs were designed with¬†echoes of 1979’s Alien in mind, complete with retro-future aesthetic that includes 1980s-looking green-screen PCs, mechanical locks and manual overrides.

When you’re not dealing with hostile humans, androids and robots, expect to run and hide a lot as this huge, hulking thing comes within inches of you time and again as you hold your breath, praying it doesn’t hear, see or smell you. There’s nothing quite as visceral as being chased, right?

Does that sound like the Alien game you’ve always wanted to play? Yes, us too.

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