Google Doodles’ big underrepresentation of women & people of colour

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Apart from quirky animations, most Google Doodles have one thing in common, white males are the subjects being celebrated.

A report by activist movement for girls and young women, SPARK, shows that betweetn 2010 and 2013, 82.7% of Doodles featured men as subjects and 73.9% were white.

SPARK published this chart depicting the percentages of representation in Google Doodles.o-GOOGLE-DOODLE-570

According to Google, it’s working on changing things this year

“This year we’re hoping to have women and men equally represented,” said Ryan Germick of Google Doodles to the Huffington Post. “So far this year we’ve done doodles for as many women as men, a big shift from figures below 20 percent in past years.”

It would be best to deliver on these promises since the numbers have only gotten worse over the years, as depicted in this chart below.



Read the full report here.

[Source: Huffington Post. Main Image: Google Doodles]



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