Google pledges $1 million towards closing the gender gap in tech

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Google has pledged to give $1 million to 40 partner tech startups around the world to help them increase the representation of women entrepreneurs in their startup communities.

According to Google, studies have shown that diverse teams create better products and run more successful companies. Women are also highly efficient with capital, running companies on 2/3 the funds of their male counterparts, yet receiving roughly 4% of venture capital.

Under its Google for Entrepreneurs initiative, Google has set up the #40Forward programme, to find substantive ways to include more women in the running of tech startups.

Seven African startups from different countries have been selected for funding, they are:

#40Forward aims to encourage these 40 startups to make significant changes such as simply changing the times of events to accommodate busy moms, to teaching young girls to see themselves as entrepreneurs.

Google hopes that by the end of this year, the startups will increase representation of women by at least 25%. You can follow and read more about the #40Forward programme on Google+.

[Image: Google+]



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