Graphic design student uses LEGO to apply for jobs

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The love of LEGO can inspire people to do amazing things with the little plastic bricks and minifigures, like reenacting high-profile murder cases, building braille printers and drivable cars. Now, a graphic design studio has used LEGO to create one of the best CVs we’ve seen in a while.

20-year-old Northwestern University student, Leah Bowman, has loved LEGO since she was a child and being a graphic design student means her mind is filled with creative ideas. When the time came to start applying for internships, instead of using normal paper and a few images for a portfolio, she combined her passion and talent to create a CV that would stand out.

Bowman used LEGO bricks to build a version of herself in a corporate outfit along with a few accessories to create an advert of her minifigure version persuading companies to hire her.





Have her efforts paid off? “I’ve had a few great talks with a couple of agencies and have more to hear back from that I applied to in the past month,” Bowman told ABC News.

[Source: ABC News. Images: Reddit]



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