How to create a YouTube playlist

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Big news just in from Google*: in 2013, YouTube views in South Africa increased by over 90%. And according to a recent report, 70% of users see YouTube as the first place to go when looking for online content with 68% of SA using YouTube for educational purposes.

Stats aside, the user interface of the world’s largest online video community keeps changing which can complicate even the simplest of tasks. Making a YouTube playlist, for example, isn’t as straightforward as it used to be.

Why create a customised YouTube playlist? It’s a great way to keep content you’d like to see again in one place. For example, short fitness videos, your child’s favourite nursery rhymes, music videos, recipes and more.

Here’s how

1. Find a video which you would want to add to a YouTube playlist.


2. The Playlists link at the top of the channel refers to the author’s playlists. Unless you are looking to watch a number of videos from the same author one after the other, this is not where you are going to go.


3. Once you’ve clicked on the video, there are five links at the bottom. Click on ‘Add to’ to bring up the personalised playlist option.


4. Sign into your Google account using your gmail address, the same email you would use for Google Docs, Google Drive and the Google Play Store.


5. Give the YouTube playlist a name and decide if you’d like other YouTube users to see your playlist, or if you would prefer it to remain private.


6.  The next time you’d like to bring up your favourite videos, it will be under the Playlists menu in the main YouTube menu on the left.


7.  If you’d like to permanently skip the short ads which pop up before each video starts, consider installing Chrome’s AdBlock. It’s available for free via the Chrome Web Store and once activated, will remove any unwanted advertising content from your playlist.

*Stats courtesy of Google South Africa



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