5 best new games for Android

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There’s always a lot to see and do on Google’s Play Store, particularly when it comes to games. Here are five new additions to the Play Store that you should definitely check out.


Price: R21.60


Threes! is described as “a tiny puzzle that grows on you”, and that’s exactly what it is. The genius of the game is that it’s very simple in concept, but very hard to master or even do very well in your first few goes. Basically, you must drag numbered tiles left and right until you make a three, or a multiple of three, and then match those tiles with other tiles with the same number on them, and you must do it before the screen fills with tiles you can’t do anything with. It’s incredibly easy to pick up, but it’s deceptively challenging. Be careful, though, it will addict you faster than actual drugs can.


[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Easy to grasp, hard to master and addictive”[/symple_box] [/symple_column]

[symple_box style=”boxerror”] Download Threes! from the Google Play Store[/symple_box]

Royal Revolt 2

Price: Free, with in-app purchases


RR2 casts you as the monarch of your own little kingdom, and you must attack other monarchs to steal their money so you can upgrade your buildings and buy new towers to defend your land from other monarchs doing the same thing. It’s an action RPG with tower defense game elements, and it’s clear the developers have put a lot of effort into making it look fantastic. The only drawback is that (free) progress is very slow, with the gems needed to get ahead dropping very infrequently, which not-so-subtly encourages you to pay for a few to speed things up. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks to get ahead, RR2 can be a lot of fun.


[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Freemium fun that can be expensive”[/symple_box] [/symple_column]

[symple_box style=”boxerror”] Download Royal Revolt 2 from the Google Play Store[/symple_box]

Frontline Commando 2

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Frontline Commando 2

If you love cover-based shooters on your gaming console, you’ll love Frontline Commando 2. It’s a fairly simple military-themed game that has you shooting at enemies from behind cover, dodging between bits of the scenery and using a huge arsenal of guns to get the job done. The game’s high-resolution graphics show off just how far mobile gaming visuals have come, with superb detail that rivals what you see on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, and the touchscreen control scheme is easy to pick up. The game does offer in-game purchases for upgrades and such, but you can play without buying anything if you’re good enough or you have enough patience to earn in-game cash instead.


[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Gorgeous-looking cover-based shooter”[/symple_box] [/symple_column]

[symple_box style=”boxerror”] Download Frontline Commando 2 from the Google Play Store[/symple_box]

Top Gear: Race the Stig

Price: Free

Race the Stig

While this isn’t the slickest game you’ll ever play, it’s fun for a few minutes here and there. It’s essentially one of those free-running games like Temple Run, except you’re in a one of the cars from Top Gear and you’re racing against The Stig. You must avoid obstacles, collect coins and power-ups and jump over and duck under the occasional barrier by swiping in the appropriate direction. Graphics are a little PlayStation One-ish, but your car responds well enough to touches that when you mess up, it won’t be the game’s fault. It’s not the best game ever or the kind of racer you’d expect to feature the Top Gear branding, but it’s not too bad for a completely-free game.


[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Some say it’s simpler than Temple Run”[/symple_box] [/symple_column]

[symple_box style=”boxerror”] Download Top Gear: Race the Stig from the Google Play Store[/symple_box]

Blood ‘n Guns

Price: Free – Single in-app purchase removes ads

Blood n Guns

Top-down twin-stick shooters are usually the domain of console games, but Blood ‘n Guns successfully brings the formula to mobile. It’s not a thinking man’s shooter – you’re given a gun, and told to shoot waves of zombies that are intent on chowing down on your grey matter, and that’s about it. There are a bunch of weapons to use that unlock as you play, and occasionally new weapons and power-ups drop to help you along the way. Touchscreen controls work the same as analogue sticks on a console controller, so if you’re any good at games like Dead Nation or Renegade, you’ll love this one. The free version is the full game, it just shows ads every now and then, and the only in-app purchase removes them completely.


[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Bloody, gunny, zombie-shooting fun”[/symple_box] [/symple_column]

[symple_box style=”boxerror”] Download Blood ‘n Guns from the Google Play Store[/symple_box]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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