This post was an April Fool’s joke from the team, we hope you all had a good laugh.

An interim e-toll spokesperson has told a large group of journalists in Pretoria this morning that government will be upgrading all gantries on the e-toll network with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Government has partnered with several Johannesburg-based ISPs to connect the gantry network to the wider internet, and the addition of WiFi capabilities will let motorists connect to the internet, for free, while they drive on tolled routes.

The addition of Bluetooth will enable SANRAL to send immediate notifications of the payment required to motorists’ cellphones. To take advantage of the discounts on offer to e-tag holders, motorists will be required to enter a 16-digit PIN within 25 seconds of receiving the Bluetooth notification.

The spokesperson said the project is expected to go live in the 29th of February, 2015.

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