This post was an April Fool’s joke from the team, we hope you all had a good laugh.

Good new this morning for gamers as FNB confirm that the next generation entertainment system from Microsoft, the Xbox One, will be sold through its Smart Devices offer. Not only will FNB start selling the console, but it has also confirmed that it will go on sale from July, a full two months before the official local launch slated for September.

The Xbox One joins its previous generation counterpart, the Xbox 360, as well as the previous generation PlayStation 3 console which have both been on sale for some time already. FNB of course already offers a next generation gaming console in the form of the PlayStation 4 which it began selling in early February.

As with the PS4 FNB expects that supply of the Xbox One will be constrained in the first few months of the offer just as it was with the PS4 which was sold out in the first two days of being available from the bank.

FNB’s head of smart devices at core banking solutions, Kartik Mistry, says that “The uptake on the PlayStation 4 deal serves (sic) as proof that there is a demand for devices other than tablets, smartphones and laptops and the move into gaming proves that we are providing what our customers want”. The Xbox One will strengthen FNB’s Smart Devices offering even further, by giving our clients the chance to be the first to own one in the country.

Pricing and bundle details will be made available closer to the official launch date but, using our less-than-stellar mathematical abilities, we estimate the console will be available for around R400 – R450 per month depending on the exchange rate at the time.