Google, Wikipedia, Mxit, Twitter and Zamob are among the top 10 most popular websites on Opera Mini in South Africa, according to the State of the Mobile Web report by Opera Software.

Research for the State of the Mobile Web report was conducted to decipher internet and mobile trends across Africa. Facebook and Google came out as the top websites across most African countries. The most popular mobile devices were Androids, with 259 million users accessing Opera Mini via Android.

These are the full lists of most popular websites and mobile devices in South Africa.


1. Google

2. Facebook

3. Wikipedia

4. YouTube

5. WhatsApp

6. Yahoo

7. Zamob

8. Twitter

9. Mxit

10. WordPress

Mobile devices

1. Nokia X2-01

2. Nokia 201

3. Nokia C3

4. Nokia 5130

5. Nokia 2700

6. Nokia C1-01

7. Samsung GT-S5300

8. Nokia X2-02

9. Samsung GT-S5301

10. BlackBerry 9320

The report also shows that Zimbabwe is the country with the most local websites featured in its top ten list. “Local websites are, to a lesser degree, represented in the top-ten lists for each country… Zimbabwe has  four local sites with national top-level-domains out of the ten spots,” the report states.

 [Image: Shutterstock]