Back in the ancient Egyptian era of pharaohs, makeup was made using ingredients like clay, lead and even animal blood. These days the ingredients are much more scientific… but are they safe? Think Dirty may be able to help you determine that.

Think Dirty is an app created by Lily Tse. Her mother is a breast-cancer survivor and as a result, is sensitive to certain ingredients in products and that’s where the idea for Think Dirty came from. It’s also a way to help women understand what’s inside their favourite products.


“Beauty products are not as strictly regulated as food and drugs, so the labelling is not very standardised. It’s hard for an everyday shopper to understand what the chemicals are,” Tse says.

Think Dirty lists 68 000 beauty products and each is rated on how dirty it is on a scale of 1-10 using the Dirty Meter. Users can search for specific products by name or the product barcode, a list of all the ingredients (including the ones not listed on the product packaging) will pop up and each ingredient is rated. To help you make better choices, the app suggests other similar products that have ‘cleaner’ ingredients.

You can download Think Dirty from iTunes.

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[Source: FastCo Exist. Main Image: Shutterstock. Images: Think Dirty]