If you’re an MTN user, keep an eye out for a new SIM swap scam doing the rounds. MTN has just issued a warning to its customers of a new SIM swap scam that’s out to obtain the personal banking details of MTN customers.

The scammers are sending emails to customers like the one below:

“Dear Client,

 We have discovered a suspected sim swap attempt on your no. The swap will be processed within the next hour. If you did not initiate this sim swap, please Cancel here.”

The “cancel” link redirects the user to a site that requests his or her banking details. Once supplied, the criminals can then use the information to make fraudulent transactions from the banking account.

“Customers should note that MTN does not send any SIM swap warnings to its customers via email. Furthermore, customers must ignore any such emails and should report them to 083 123 STOP (7867),” MTN has said. “As an additional safeguard to its customers, MTN will be blocking the site on its network.”

“MTN is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and continues to address all illegal and criminal activities that might affect them.”

If you have friends, family or colleagues using MTN, please let them know, the less number of people who fall prey to such scams, the better.