Africa Check, the  South African website that trawls through the claims of politicians and the media to independently verify their truth, has been given a $250K (R2.6m) grant by the Omidyar Foundation for its work.

Omidyar also supports other civic and digital democracy initiatives like JoziHub and The Intercept. The latter is a news site which employs Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story.

Africa Check has been up and running for 18 months, in which time it has attracted half a million visitors to its site and been referenced in countless news stories. The organisation is currently running a 4 000 Euro (R57 638) award program for other news organisations that reveal false information being disseminated in the public domain by the powerful.

Recent stories published by Africa Check itself include a look at the DA’s election claims for its work so far in the Western Cape, and an investigation into the reality of land reform since 1994 behind officially released figures.

According to Africa Fact Check director Peter Cunliffe-Jones, the new money will be spent extending the organisation’s role into West and East Africa.