We’re out and about in Jozi tonight at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 downloads the file to your libraryand the big news just keeps coming. As with the Galaxy S4 before it, the new Galaxy S5 comes with a host of additional services and add ons to give customers the nudge to buy it over the competition.

The big news tonight is that Galaxy S5 owners will get a one year subscription to streaming music service nMusic along with its 20 million track catalogue. As with competing music streaming services like Rdio, the subscription allows you to stream music as well as download it for offline play, but where nMusic differs from the competition is in the way that it predicts what music you would like to have downloaded for offline use.

Once you’ve listened to a track for more than 30 seconds, nMusic downloads the file for your offline listening pleasure. Worried that the app will eat up all of your available storage leaving you with no where to save you selfies? Fear not, because you can customise the amount of space available to the nMusic app

nMusic has apps for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets with desktop clients available for Windows and Mac OS, which should give the Galaxy S5 owners plenty of time to enjoy that free music subscription.

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