Facebook will be killing off private messaging from it’s Android and iOS app very soon, which means for those who don’t have Facebook Messenger, it’s no longer a question of whether you want to download Facebook Messenger or not, but a question of when you’re going to have to download it.

Users in a few European countries have been receiving notifications that in the next two weeks, ¬†they won’t be able to send messages via the Facebook app and will have to download Facebook Messenger, should they want to continue sending messages.

More users around the world will be receiving the same notification soon, but if you’re a lower-end Android device user (these devices have memory constraints), a Windows Phone user or access the Facebook app using a tablet, you’ll still be able to send and receive messages within the Facebook app.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Facebook Messenger, the app has a number of stand out features including voice messaging, private photo shariong, stickers, the ability to text your phone contacts, even if you’re not Facebook friends, as well as the ability to make free calls, a feature that was added just recently.

Download Facebook Messenger from iTunes and Google Play.

[Source: The Next Web]