Dropbox announced a whole host of things yesterday and included in the list was the end of exclusivity of the Mailbox app for the iOS operating system with the addition of an Android app. The Android version of the app has all of the same features as its iOS brethren such as the ability to snooze mail for later, but also introduces two new features to the app.

The first of which is settings and account synchronisation across platforms and devices using your Dropbox account which should come in handy with the announcement that Mailbox was going into beta for Mac OS X as well. The second feature which is an Android exclusive, for now, is called Auto-swipe which essentially allows Mailbox to learn which mail you swipe away and snooze and then automate the process in the future. The algorithm behind Auto-Swipe should also be able to keep you out of those long annoying ‘Reply All’ email conversations that no longer have anything to do with you.

Mailbox got off to a flying start when it launched last year using a clever reservation system that told you just how many people were in front of you. The waiting list created both the impression that the app was even more popular than it actually was while also limiting the amount of users coming online and putting stress on the Mailbox servers. Less than three months after Mailbox launched it was snapped up by the folks at Dropbox when they “fell in love” with it.

Mailbox is already available in the Google Play Store as well as for iOS users in the iTunes Store and you can you can sign up for the OS X beta on the Mailbox site.