Firaxis Games, the studio behind Civilization V and the home of legendary game designer Sid Meier, announced a new turn-based strategy game at the PAX East videogame show called Civilization: Beyond Earth.

It’s essentially Civilization in space, something that hasn’t happened to the series since 1999’s Alpha Centauri. In this new game, players must guide a new human colony to success on an alien planet by developing technologies and strategies useful in survival and in dealing with the inevitable alien civilisations.

The big difference between this new game and Alpha Centauri is that this time around, the graphics will be better, the strategy more detailed and the worlds procedurally-generated. Essentially Beyond Earth is going to be a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri rather than a direct sequel built on the foundation of Civilization V, so if you loved either of those games, you’re in for a treat.

PC Gamer had the opportunity to sit down with David McDonough and Will Miller, the game’s lead designers to talk about it in-depth. It makes for interesting reading, particularly the bits about the “affinities” a player’s civilisation can adopt, which sound rather like distinct philosophies.

The “Purity” affinity is all about preserving the human genome at all costs, “Harmony” believes in living harmoniously with the new world while “Supremacy” is all about surviving with the help of technology and machines,. Naturally, whichever one you choose will shape your game accordingly by influencing the strategies you can adopt, the look of your faction and the technologies you can build.

Civlization: Beyond Earth will be out for Mac, PC and Linux in the third quarter of 2014.

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