Sony has announced via press release that arcade shooter Dead Nation will be out tomorrow, April 16 or the PlayStation Vita. Owners of the game for PlayStation 3 will get the Vita version free of charge thanks to Sony’s cross-buy policy; local pricing has not yet been confirmed, but since the US pricing is $7.99 for the main game and $3.99 for the expansion, expect to pay around R80 and R40 respectively.

If you’ve never played it before, Dead Nation plays like the old Shadowgrounds and Alien Breed games, where you control your character’s movement with the left stick and shooting with the right stick. Expect plenty of zombies to shoot, the occasional environmental puzzle and gorgeous visuals that’ll keep you engaged for nine or so hours (longer if you want to see and do absolutely everything).

You can play online with a friend, or via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, and if you prefer to simply play alone you’ll have the chance to rack up high scores and compete with others via a global leaderboard.

The original PS3 game was created by Housemarque, the studio behind the excellent Resogun and ported by Climax Studios, the same people that created Dead Nation: Apocalypse for the PlayStation 4.

The Vita version of the game was announced at 2013’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and is a direct port of the PS3 original, so if you loved that game’s twin-stick, zombie-blasting arcade action you’re going to love taking the experience mobile.

Here’s the official trailer:

[Image Credit:] [Video Credit: TECNOGAMES]
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