Recruitment website Career Junction has released its quarterly round up of stats about the labour market in South Africa and it’s good news for techies: according to the report hiring activity in the IT industry has gone up by a massive 56% over the last 12 months. It’s easily the fastest growing sector for jobs, and simultaneously the sector with the fewest number of applicants per position.

You, dear reader, are in high demand.

According to the survey, which is based off of jobs posted to the Career Junction site and so may not be entirely representative, IT work and Finance make up nearly half of all jobs posted. However, there’s an average of just 6.93 applicants per IT job on the boards compared to a massive – and frankly depressing – 97.13 applicants per media job and 279.88 job seekers for every advert in the commercial services sector.

And salaries aren’t too bad either. According to a separate salary review report published by the same company,  a UX designer can expect to earn between R22 800 a month to R35 778, while someone skilled in business architecture is looking at anything from R31K to R56 551 a month. That’s more or less on a par with base salaries in financial management and stockbroking, according to the report – although we imagine the bonuses are better with the banks.

The number of job adverts for the mining sector has fallen 25% according the Career Junction report, which compares with Stats SA’s recent suggestion that the same sector had grown by 46 000 jobs in 2013. Presumably the vast majority of those aren’t advertised on websites, though.

Graph from the CareerJunction Index report.
Graph from the CareerJunction Index report.


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