The up-and-coming elections on 7th May are making political junkies of us all, and while we wait for a South African answer to the West Wing there’s more than enough real-life drama to keep you hooked. How to stay on top of it all? Google has one potential answer.

The search firm has launched Google Politics and Elections South African Elections Hub, an online portal where voters, journalists and campaigners can easily track all the latest news, trends and information related to the 2014 elections.

Users can find news and topics related to all the major political parties and certain issues such as education, employment, health, land reform and crime. Direct links to party manifestos that are available online have also been provided for easy access.

“Google’s mission is organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our elections tools directly support this mission. We want citizens to be empowered during the upcoming elections, so we’re organising information to make it easy for voters to find everything they need to make an informed voting decision, all in one place. It is now more important than ever to help keep South Africans informed and educated about the elective process and their role in the democracy of the country,”¬†Policy and Government Relations Manager at Google South Africa said in a statement.

[Image: Google Politics and Elections]