Samsung is taking the wearable technology category (also called wearables) rather seriously these days. Not only did they announce the follow-up to their first bite at the apple, the Galaxy Gear, but they also announced the Gear Fit at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year. These new-gen smartwatches from Samsung are running on its internally-developed Tizen operating system, which means that there won’t be a lot of apps that run on the duo for the time being.

To counter this problem, Samsung has done what many big tech companies in the past have done to address deficiencies in their software catalogues: they’ve thrown money at the problem to make it go away. Samsung’s “Gear App Challenge” puts up $1.25 million (over R13 million) in prizes including a $100 000 (R1 million) cash first prize for developers who can design the best new applications for the company’s new line of wearables.

Entries can be standalone apps for the Gear or Gear Fit, or they can require both a Samsung smartphone and a connected Gear to function.

“This challenge marks the beginning of Samsung’s plan to boost the app ecosystem for the recently-unveiled Samsung Gear 2. Samsung will continue to play its part in the wearable market through offering a wide array of outstanding SDKs to app developers.”

–  Won-Pyo Hong, President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center

The apps must be programmed using Samsung’s Gear SDK which is available from its website along with a host of other resources for prospective devs itching to get started on their projects. Registration for the challenge opens on the 8th of May and you can get more information on the competition directly from Samsung right here.

[Image: Samsung]
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