So Microsoft has finished its acquisition of Nokia and is now the proud owner of a once mighty phone manufacturing empire. The question on everyone’s minds is what the company will call the phones that will inevitably come from the union. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s former CEO (or is that the former Nokia’s CEO?)  has confirmed via online Q&A that the Nokia name will soon be no more; so what, then, will the new phones be called?

We’ve got our own ideas on that, and we’re desperately hoping we’re wrong. Something like the Microsoft Mobile Windows Phone 8.1 Series X Knokia New sounds about right, given Microsoft’s antipathy for clever names. The “Not-Nokia” is currently the office fave.

So we’re going to hand it over to you, our readers. If you could rebrand Lumia phones for Microsoft, what would they be? Your ideas can be as serious or as tongue-in-cheek as you like, just tell us in the comments below. The winners will get the rest of the day off when we announce the winners tomorrow, Wednesday 30 April at about 4:30pm.

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