Gamers love action games, shooters and sports games more than other genres. How do we know? That’s because the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), just released its latest report on the games industry, which says that those are the genres people are most willing to open their wallets for.

That’s why you see so many action and shooter titles on store shelves, and why EA, Activision and other big publishers are so happy to release annualised versions of their most popular franchises – that’s clearly where the money is.

The ESA’s latest report cites figures taken directly from groups like NPD, which tracks retail sales of games across the US.

Videogame Sale Stats

Not surprisingly, casual gaming is growing at a rate of knots – particularly on PCs and Macs – making up over 28% of all game sales for those platforms in 2013. PCs are also still tops when it comes to strategy games, a genre that doesn’t translate very well to the simplified control schemes offered by consoles.

Computer Game Stats

Other good-to-know tidbits revealed in the report include the fact that between 2012 and 2013, the number of female gamers older than 50 increased by a surprising 32% and that people spent over $21 billion on videogames in 2013. That’s a lot of cash – no wonder there are so may companies clamouring to get their slice of the pie.

Something you may suspect based on the popularity of Steam, the Xbox Marketplace, the PlayStation Store and other digital outlets is that digital sales of gaming content grew so much in 2013 that they actually overtook physical sales . The ESA’s report says that the ratio is now 47:53 in favour of digital sales, up from 59:41 in 2012. That’s good news for gamers with fast internet pipes, but not so good for brick-and-mortar game shops. Now if only buying digital meant a saving over physical boxed copies…

There’s a lot more to keep you occupied if you’re into this sort of thing. Head over to the ESA’s 2013 report page for more.

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