Hey PS4 owners, remember the exciting-sounding 1.70 PS4 update that we reported on a few weeks back? Did you get excited about all the changes and new features it’s bringing to Sony’s latest console? Find yourself slathering at the jaw because you want to try it out?

Well, today is the day you can dry your chin, as the patch should be available for download now. If your console isn’t set to update automatically, run a manual check now.

Here’s a quick recap of the most pertinent changes:

  • You’ll be able to do more detailed editing of the game footage you capture with the Share button with the SHAREfactory video editor. You’ll be able to add scene transitions, headings, music and more to your vids to make them a little livelier than raw gameplay footage cut into sections.
  • You can export captured videos and screenshots to USB drives.
  • HDCP can be disabled, allowing you to capture game footage to another computer via a dedicated capture card.
  • Live broadcasts of your games can be done in 720p (if your connection is fast enough, of course, 4mbps and up) and your videos can be archived to Twitch.tv and Ustream.
  • Pre-purchased games can be downloaded hours if not days before they release, letting you play them the second they become available.

New features not previously reported on include new brightness settings for the light on the Dualshock 4 controller, and most interestingly the option to pay using alternative payment methods on the PlayStation Store, including PayPal. The PlayStation Camera has been given new voice commands, and finding friends and friends of friends will be easier from today.

Let us know what you think of the changes; here at htxt.africa, we like what we’re hearing and look forward to tinkering with it all later today.

[Image Credit – Sony]