WATCH: The birth of the lightsaber

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Ever since the first Star Wars movie captured our imagination, the one thing that has remained at the top of our wish list is a lightsaber. George Lucas has created many fantastic things in the Star Wars universe, and some not so fantastic *cough* Jar-Jar Binks *cough*, but to this day the lightsaber holds a special place in many of fan’s hearts because of the sheer wonder that a weapon of pure energy holds.

The 15 minute long featurette called ‘The Birth of the Lightsaber’ first appeared as a special feature in the DVD boxset of of the original Star Wars trilogy but has now found its way onto YouTube via the official Star Wars channel. The video features appearances from Mark Hammil, better known as Luke Skywalker as well as George Lucas himself as they discuss how the lightsaber came to be such a large part of the Star Wars universe.



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