With the 2014 elections only six days away, it’s good to be clued up on all that’s happening around election day. From news, videos, opinion, voter information, questions, party and candidate lists and FAQs, these five online resources will help you get set for May 7th.

SA Votes

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Local newspaper Mail and Guardian launched it’s very own SA Votes app back in March as a way for readers to keep up to date with elections news reported by the Mail and Guardian opinions, results and information on the upcoming May 7th national elections. You can also watch the latest news videos, share content to social networks and comment on stories.  SA Votes is however only designed to work on smartphones and not tablets.

 “Election news and info from M&G
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News 24 Elections

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The News 24 Elections app is similar to SA Votes, but comes with a few more handy features. You get election news from News 24, videos and photos, get updates and news on any major political party, view previous election results and live results from the upcoming elections once they’re out as well as get voting tips and FAQs. The app also lets you check if you’re registered to vote by redirecting you the IEC website.

 “Election news and info from News24
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IEC South Africa

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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) recently launched it’s official app to help voters get all the information they need before they go to the polls on 7 May. You can find your nearest voting station, check your registration details and personal details such as ID number and residential address, check election results from previous elections held in South Africa from as far back as 1994 (this year’s results will be uploaded as soon as voting is closed and results are out) and read up on FAQS.

 “All the info you need from the IEC” 
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Google Politics and Elections


Google recently launched a South African version of it’s Politics and Elections portal. Here, voters, journalists and campaigners can easily track the latest news, trends and information related to the 2014 elections. You can also find news and topics related to all the major political parties in the running and certain issues such as education, employment, health, land reform and crime. Direct links to party manifestos that are available online have also been provided for easy access.

People’s Assembly

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People’s Assembly seeks to bridge the gap between citizens and their elected representatives. The site provides information on who your elected representatives are, the institutions they serve, where your nearest constituency office is and gives you the chance to provide feedback on whether your constituency office is doing it’s job efficiently or not.