Xbox Live Gold members will get Dust: An Elysium Tail and Saints Row The Third for absolutely nothing in the month of May. Well, for nothing except their R599 annual membership to Microsoft’s paid-for subscription service, that is.

Just breaking that down for a second, it’s actually pretty good value. For the money, gamers get 24 games a year to keep forever which works out to R25 a game in addition to access to multiplayer games and in-store discounts on selected items. So not too shabby, then, especially if you haven’t already played the games on offer.

Dust: An Elysium Tail (2012) is a beautifully hand-crafted action-adventure game, and Saints Row The Third (2011) is a crazy open-world action game that will have you beating passers-by with amusingly-shaped bats (among other things) while expanding the Saints’ marketing empire in a new location (Steelport), something the three other gangs in the area want to stop at all costs. It’s no Grand Theft Auto but it makes up for that with an off-the-wall sense of humour that will have your inner 12-year-old giggling with glee all the way through.

Dust: An Elysium Tail is currently available for download, and Saints Row The Third will replace it on the Games with Gold programme from the 16th of May so be sure you grab them both before their availability expires.

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