Can’t wait until the end of the month for Ubisoft’s techno-thriller Watch_Dogs? As if sensing your overblown anticipation the devs have published another teaser trailer today. It’s almost as if they’re watching us, isn’t it?

Every time I see a new video for Watch_Dogs, the game just looks better and better. This new one is no exception, and in fact is quite possibly the best showcase of the game’s graphics I’ve seen yet.

In it, you’ll make the acquaintance of some of the game’s main players, and boy do their faces look good. Ubisoft hasn’t said what platform the video was captured on, but going on the lack of jagged edges I’d say probably a high-end PC. That or they post-processed the hell out of it.

Whatever the case, my hopes are high that Watch_Dogs is going to look incredible on all next-gen platforms when it comes out and even better on PC.

Only 18 days to go now! Have you pre-ordered it yet? If not, grab it from BTGames, Takealot or anywhere that sells pre-orders and enjoy the goodies that come with it that include an extra 60 minutes of game if you pre-order the PS3 or PS4 edition.

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