So we’ve written a fair amount about DRIVECLUB, the upcoming socially-connected PS4 racing game, but we haven’t gone into a whole lot of detail about how its social aspects are going to work. To be honest, that’s because we don’t really know much about it beyond that gamers can form clubs and work together to earn accolades. Whatever that means.

The marketing people over at Sony clearly got the message that most people think “WTF is a drive club and why should I care?” when it comes to the game, and so they made these very helpful videos that explain the game’s social concepts a little better.

Neither video doesn’t feature any in-game footage or anything quite as usefulĀ as an actual demonstration of how it’s going to work, though, it’s all done with animations. I must admit, it all sounds cool, I just wish I could picture what it’s going to look like in-game. Guess they want me to buy it or something.

Anyway, here are the vids. Enjoy!

How clubs work and why you should be in one:

How face-offs and challenges will work:

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