Today’s Google Doodle on the Google home page celebrates what would’ve been the 104th birthday of British biochemist and Nobel Prize winner, Dorothy Hodgkin, who is credited with the development of x-ray crystallography.

X-ray crystallography is a method used to decipher the three-dimensional structures of biomolecules.

Hodgkin was born in Egypt in 1910 and raised in England. She received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 for discovering the molecular structure of vitamin B12.

In the Google Doodle, the first ‘o’ depicts an image based on Hodgkin’s model of the structure of the penicillin molecule, which she developed in 1946.

Hodgkin passed away at the age of 83 in 1994 after suffering a cardiac stroke at her home in England.

[Source: Wikipedia. Image: Google]