This nine-minute video is the latest of Ubisoft’s efforts at showing gamers some of the cool-looking things they’ll be able to do in Watch_Dogs… and it looks so good that even the cynic in me is starting to believe it could be 2014’s Game of the Year (GOTY).

The video covers everything from the hacking that we already know about to the companion app you’ll be able to download for your phone or tablet to the characters it showed off last week. It’s a nine-minute Watch_Dogs geek-out, and it’s pretty darn impressive.

What caught my attention was the “Game changers” mentioned toward the end of the video. It seems there will be a bunch of side activities to keep you occupied as well, from poker games to roof-running for coins to turning future-Chicago into “a sci-fi shooter with an 8-bit twist”, all using your phone.

Sounds pretty good, right? Take a look at the video and see it all for yourself. Me, I’m feeling hopeful Watch_Dogs is genuinely going to be as good as it’s looking in these promo videos.

Less than two weeks to wait now before Watch Dogs isĀ out!

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