Samsung South Africa has partnered with telecommunications provide Vox Telecom to provide users of Samsung Smart TVs with almost a terabyte of data when they purchase a new television set. For every user that purchases a television, Vox will give them one-million megabytes for free, which is valid for a year and is unthrottled, unshaped, premium grade ADSL.

“As a technology leader we strive to supply premium quality bandwidth at a lower cost, and we believe it is key to develop data service solutions that will enhance the consumer’s viewing experience and our partnership with Samsung, gives us the opportunity to not only provide free data but also contribute to the new world of TV in South Africa,” said Gary Sweidan, executive head of products and marketing, Vox Telecom, in a press statement.

With a great number of apps available for Smart TVs in South Africa, you would be able to stream content without having to worry about the cost of data.

“As a global pioneer in innovation, Samsung allows businesses and their customers to connect at every touch point. We provide our customers with hardware and software solutions, as well as content and services. This partnership with Vox Telecom will allow us to create even smarter solutions for our consumers,” added Ansgar Pabst, business lead TV/AV, Samsung Electronics SA.

With the one-million megabytes at your disposal, you would be able to stream 60 000 videos and watch up to 1 000 movies as well as connect via social media, email, chat and surf the internet.

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