Did you know that if you’re a gamer, videogame music is better for getting you into ‘the zone’ at work than other genres? They’re even better than classical music, long considered to be the creativity-fostering music genre of choice for people who like to get things done.

Christofer Karltorp, a programmer by trade and the founder of Zerply (a LinkedIn-like site for creative people in the gaming, TV and movie industries) discovered that while searching for music to keep his brain engaged while he coded. This is according to a blog post on fastcompany.com by Rebecca Greenfield.

He tried everything from electronic to classical to electronic to sonatas in an effort to sharpen his concentration, but the genre he found that worked best was that of videogame soundtracks, thanks to the generally-upbeat tempo of its songs and a nostalgic link to his gamer past.

So bury the Bach, mute the Mozart and fire up the StarCraft soundtrack or put on some Hell March instead if you really want to get some work done today.

Side note: if you want to buy game soundtracks, one of the best places to find them is on the Humble Bundle store, which includes soundtracks with purchases of its gaming bundles on a regular basis.

[Source – Fastcompany.com, Image – HumbleBundle.com]
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