In the last three years Samsung’s smartphone strategy has been to have a flagship model like the Galaxy S4 and to use its brand to cast reflected glory upon the rest of a range of phone built around it, like the Galaxy S4 Zoom and S4 Mini.

Last year one of our favourite devices was the ruggedised version of the flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S4 Active. It won us over with a combination of its water and dust-resistant build, the physical keys on the front of the device instead of touch sensitive ones and the fact that, unlike the Galaxy S4, it only came in an LTE version.

One of the big questions we asked ourselves once the Galaxy S5 was announced was if there was still space in the world for an ‘Active’ variant now since the flagship had adopted its IP67 rating.

Well according to the videos from TK Tech News below that answer is yes. From what we can see in the videos the Galaxy S5 Active is coming to AT&T in America which uses the same kind of GSM technology our networks use in South Africa meaning that this smartphone could very well be on the way to our increasingly cold shores shortly.

Getting onto the actual device, the design is reminiscent of last year’s Galaxy S4 Active with the physical keys on its front and a rugged looking exterior. Hardware wise the Galaxy S5 Active looks to be the same as the flagship running a quad core 2.46GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM and a full HD Super AMOLED display. Software looks to be identical to the Samsung customised version of Android 4.4.2 found on the Galaxy S5 proper with the same rounded icons used in the menus. According to the presenter of the videos the Galaxy S5 Active also has the same 16 megapixel ISOCELL camera and heart-rate sensor on its back that the Galaxy S5 does.

The Galaxy S5 Active is still unconfirmed by Samsung at this time, but we’re sure that an announcement isn’t too far away at this point.

[Source –  TK Tech News YouTube channel, Via – Engadget]