A campaign to immortalise Nelson Mandela in LEGO as a way of honouring his legacy has been launched by the Nelson Mandela Foundation by well-known South African digital media agency Quirk, and it’s calling on the public to help by adding their name to the list.

The foundation’s Quirk Legocy campaign plans to hand over a request on December 5th, 2014┬áto LEGO, requesting the toy-maker to create an official “Madiba: Freedom Fighter” set.

“This is our country’s greatest story. Let’s never stop telling it,” reads the description on the Legocy YouTube video (below)

You can help by simply adding your name and email address to the request list and spreading the word by sharing the campaign on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

The full video belowcreated by the Quirk advertising agency, tells the short story of Mandela’s political journey using LEGO bricks and minifgures.


The Nelson Mandela Foundation has been in touch to clarify that at the moment, it is not officially endorsing the campaign to get LEGO to build a Madiba LEGO set as stated in the video description written by Quirk (which clearly states this is an official scheme).

Quirk was acquired by global advertising giant WPP earlier this month for an undisclosed amount.

It seems Quirk jumped the gun a little – its video is one of three shortlisted as part of a national competition run by the Foundation to encourage YouTube filmmakers to produce works based on Madiba’s life.

The competition, #LivingTheLegacy, was co-ordinated with YouTube as a partner, and the Foundation’s Danielle Melville says that no-one has yet been declared the winner.

The other two finalists in the competition – Living Mandela”s Legacy in South Africa Today and Continuing Madiba’s Legacy Is In Our Hands Now are below as well.

The good news, however, is that while Quirk may have been a little presumptuous, it is on to something. Melville says that the Foundation “would not be averse to a Mandela/Freedom fighter lego series if this supports the continuance of his legacy and journey” – it’s just that it would be inappropriate to express favouritism for one entry yet.

[Image: YouTube]