Samsung South Africa last night unveiled their Ultra High Definition television for the South African market. What is billed as the world’s first Curved UHD TV, it features four times the resolution and pixels of full HD.

“Following last year’s introduction of the Samsung UHD TV, Samsung is continuing to drive industry growth through tremendous innovation in UHD picture quality, breakthrough design and consumer choice.

The combination of our curved design and UHD picture quality creates the ultimate immersive experience for people who are passionate about entertainment. Samsung is well-positioned to meet UHD demand with our new beautifully designed, feature-packed and future-ready Smart TVs,” said Ansgar Pabst, business lead for Samsung’s televisions in a press statement.

The unit comes in two different models – a 65-inch, and a 78-inch. For the smaller one, it will set back potential viewers R70 000, while the premium edition tips the scale at R150 000.

“For Samsung, the Curved UHD TV is the next-generation TV and enables us to take entertainment to new heights. Our curved UHD TV and new audio offerings combine the best in design, picture quality, regional Smart features and mobile sound entertainment,” Pabst added.

The curved display of the television allows for a better viewing experience, as there is no viewing angle that will reduce the quality. The curve also gives the illusion that the screen is much bigger than what it actually is.

Together with the television, Samsung also introduced their Multiroom Link feature, which allows you to connect and control the new Soundbar and Home Theatre system from a single Samsung product.

“Our audio-video solutions form an integrated part of the UHD TV eco-system and contribute to a true home cinema experience,” Pabst concluded.

[Source – Samsung, Image – Charlie Fripp]
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