These days, if you’re in the market for a new job or looking to move to another company, newspaper classifieds aren’t your only option. There are literally thousands of posts on the internet on different job sites every day.

We’ve rounded up five sites below that are ideal, especially for professional job hunters:


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PNet was one of the first job-hunting sites in South Africa, established back in the late 90s. There are over 1.6 million jobseekers registered on the service, 9 000 recruiters and an average of 25,000 job adverts go live every month. You can search jobs either by category, location or recency. There’s also a newsfeed on PNet where you can read up on the latest industry news from various news sites.

 “Thousands of job posted everyday
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Careerjet is a bit different to most job sites in that it doesn’t feature jobs directly on the site but acts as a traffic driver to posts on other job sites such as JobMail and Gumtree. Careerjet not only features job posts from South Africa, but from countries all over the world as well. You can search jobs by industry, location, company name or keyword.

 “Links to posts on other job sites
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Bizcommunity’s jobs portal is one of the biggest and most popular in the country. It’s easy to navigate, has a comprehensive filtering system that lets you search for specific posts and requirements you may have. You’ll find posts from a lot of big companies across different industries in the country. You can also upload your CV onto Bizcommunity to apply for posts directly from the site.

 “Simple navigation and specific posts
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LinkedIn has literally changed the way we network and communicate in the working world. Many people use the site to market themselves in the hopes of being picked up by potential employers and many recruiters use LinkedIn to scout for employees. On LinkedIn can create a full profile and include your photo, qualifications, experiences, areas of expertise and skill, interests and contact details, connect with professionals on a one-on-one basis, search for available job posts and updates from the industry or company you are interested in and much more.

 “Connect and engage within your industry
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Careers24 is a simplified site that features over 10 000 new job posts every month. Like other job sites, you can search job by category and location and upload your CV for easy application. Other added features include career advice from various professionals as well as a salary comparison calculator that lets you find out your current market worth.

 “Search jobs and get career advice
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