The next time someone tells you you’re wasting time playing videogames, tell them they’re wrong. Not only are the skills you’re currently building making you better-suited to piloting unmanned aircraft thanks to the improved hand-eye co-ordination they bestow, they could also potentially help you land a construction job building things with giant robotic vehicles some day. Like next month.

Gizmodo has reported that Humanistic Robots, a company specialising in robot design has developed a new type of remote control called the SafetySense controller. The wireless controller, which looks like it could belong to a future games console from Microsoft, has been designed specifically to make the remote operation of huge construction vehicles easier, faster and safer.

It replaces the complicated, wired remote controls used in the past that were awkward to operate and difficult to learn with something gamers can immediately relate to. It has apparently dropped the learning curve quite a bit, with new operators coming to grips with it within just five minutes of training. Thanks, Grand Theft Auto.

This is an American invention and not yet available for sale as it’s still undergoing testing, but we think it’s definitely a step in the right direction for boosting construction speeds, improving safety on construction sites and giving gamers a killer new toy to play with while calling it work.

[Source & Image – Gizmodo]