Ever since it launched its mobile data deals with MTN, Afrihost has offered it customers extra data every month without any additional cost. Afrihost has announced that this extra data will cease to be offered from the 1st of July simply because offering it to all of its customers is costing the company too much money.

“We would LOVE [sic] to keep offering these Double Data mobile deals forever” said Afrihost CEO, Gian Visser in his email to its clients, “But the truth is it will simply cost us too much money to keep it available for all new clients who sign up after July.”

With that said though Afrihost have assured current clients who have any of the mobile data packages that you will continue to receive the double data all the way through to the end of December this year. In fact the company has also stated that any new customers who sign up before the end of June will continue to get the same double data deals as the rest of the existing mobile data client base will.

Apart from the changes to the double data offering as a whole, also on the chopping block are the Mobile Two (2GB+3GB) and Mobile Three (3GB + 4GB) bundles which both offered more than double their data bundles. They are now being brought back into line with their extra data matching their standard data offerings from the beginning of July.

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