If you think BBM is just a chatting tool, think again. According to a press release, a Durban-based entrepreneur, Sanjee Singh, has found a clever new way of putting it to use: by using the chat platform to help a community of 24,000 people find jobs.

The idea came out of the “Dala U Crew” (DUC), a community of youngsters who used BBM to keep informed about parties, clubs and other events. Singh started to use the platform for other purposes when a number of people from the DUC community asked him to help them find jobs.

Singh now sends out job postings from various employers every week to a community that has grown considerably on the back of BBM becoming available on Android and iOS.

“I realised that BBM would be a wonderful avenue for helping people to find jobs, because it could connect thousands of people around the country to employment opportunities,”Singh says. “Now that BBM is available on Android and iPhone devices as well as BlackBerry smartphones, nearly anyone has access to the BBM capabilities (sic).”

Some of the employers whose jobs Singh’s service advertises get 300 to 400 responses a week to their ads, and Singh says the DUC community gets around 200 new invites each week. It’s become so successful that Singh has developed a mobisite (a mobile-friendly website) to support the project that helps get people connected to the service according to their phone’s operating system.

If you’re interested in joining up, head over to the DUC mobisite or send an invite to BBM PIN 20C661FC.

[Image – BlackBerry.com]
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