You might not realise this, because it’s so ingrained that you take it for granted, but one of the most powerful features of Microsoft’s Windows operating system has always been the ability to open up a file manager and cut, copy and paste files from one folder to another. Seriously.

It’s also, surprisingly, a feature that has been lacking from the company’s Windows Phone operating system since it launched in 2010.

Until now that is.

Microsoft has released a new app for Windows Phone 8.1 called – impressively – Files which, as you can probably tell from its name, is a file management app. It may not seem like a big addition to the software platform from Redmond but for those who use Windows Phones, it now means that you can now manipulate files from any app without having to open the app itself.

While it’s no where near as powerful as the file explorer that the full PC version of Windows offers, it’s pretty handy when you need to move files between local storage and the microSD card and can even be used to search out specific files that you may be looking for on your phone, like a saved email attachment for example.

With the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft now has a direct say in how the software and hardware of Windows Phone develops together and hopefully this will mean that more gaps in the Windows Phone ecosystem are closed in a shorter time.

Files is available to Windows Phone 8.1 users from the Windows Store.

[Source – WpCentral]
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