Sure there are many features and applications that attract people to buying an iPhone, but there is one fundamental aspect that comes into play – price.

According to the IDC, Apple has doubled its iPhone sales in the last year, and even with lower-priced Android devices flooding the market Apple has managed to maintain a steady price tag on its mobile phones.

Research from Statista shows that Apple shipped 93 million units in 2011, 136 million in 2012, 153 million in 2013, and estimates that the company will ship 184 million by the end of the year – all while maintaining an average price point of $675.

iPhone sales

If the Statista chart on the shipped units and the average price is anything to go by, then Apple’s iPhone 6 will provide the company with another sales boost.

The operating system also plays a huge role in consumer’s decision making, and it is one thing that isn’t lost on Apple CEO Tim Cook. He told a delegation at last night’s WWDC conference that 130 million Apple customers in the last 12 months were first-time buyers.

“Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then sought a better experience. And a better life. And decided to check out iPhone and iOS.”

Android has a variety of operating system versions installed on a huge amount of phones, where Cook said that about 98% of Apple users are on the latest iOS 7. Some are on [Android] from four years ago — that’s like ancient history! Less than 1 out of 10 of their customers are on their latest versions. That means these customers are not getting great new features. They’re not able to run the latest apps, and they’re not getting security updates they need to stay safe.”

[Source – Business Insider, Image – file]
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