Think that you maybe spend a little too much time on Facebook? According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, nearly half of South Africans check their Facebook updates before brushing their teeth in the mornings, while 36% fall asleep after checking the day’s posts at night. South Africa has about 11 million active Facebook accounts, while 6.7 million access it daily.

“Facebook has become a service that South Africans access throughout their day, wherever they are; from bed time to prime time.  That is largely thanks to the growth of mobile which means people can stay constantly connected with everyone and everything that matters to them,” said Diego Oliva, Facebook’s Director for the CEEMEA region.

Being connected and in touch all the time is hugely important for South Africans as well. The survey showed that while watching television, 80% survey accessed the social network through a second screen. It is also interesting to note that 92% of those surveyed said that they regularly use Facebook during TV prime time hours.

“In many ways, South Africa and other African countries are further ahead than Europe and the US when it comes to this shift to mobile. They have effectively skipped the era of desktop computing,” Oliva added.

She said the unique property of South Africans using the service while watching television is proven to be invaluable for marketers. “Browsing Facebook via mobile with the television on in the background is something new, but it has already proved valuable for marketers.  The synergies between the two media mean that cross platform advertising campaigns are turning out to be much more effective than the sum of their parts”.

Of the viewers who use other devices the access Facebook while watching TV:

  • 73% are using mobile phones
  • 9% are using tablets
  • 6% are using laptops

People access Facebook wherever they are:

  • 55% of people who use Facebook on mobile do so when they are out and about.
  • 95% of people who use Facebook on mobile do so when they are at home.
  • 40% check Facebook in bed when they wake up.
  • 36% check Facebook in bed before they go to sleep.

Brands play a big part in people’s Facebook activity:

  • 62% of people who use Facebook said they had interacted with a brand.
  • 71% of 12-24-year-olds said they had interacted with a brand.
[Source – Ipsos]
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