South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, famously known as Zapiro, is known for his doodles depicting local politicians in the most brutally honest way, which always get people talking. But a misleading old fake cartoon that has resurfaced posing as a Zapiro original is causing an unnecessary stir on Twitter and Facebook.

The cartoon resurfaced in light of President Jacob Zuma’s visit to the hospital this past weekend. It shows the president getting a colonoscopy and his brain appearing on the doctor’s screen.

downloadWhat most people didn’t know is that it’s an old photoshopped image of this original 2002 cartoon from the US back when President George W Bush went for a colonoscopy.

600x600Twitter and Facebook was abuzz this weekend with people expressing dissaproval and even disgust at the cartoon, not knowing that it was a fake.

Zapiro then had to come to his defence for the second time over this particular cartoon by posting an article that he wrote when the fake version originally came up, proving its falsity by pointing out clear errors in the cartoon.

Screenshot (136)The hashtags #Zuma and #Zapiro were trending on Twitter this Sunday and even into Monday as more and more people saw the cartoon and reposted it.

While the confusion continues to be cleared around this, it is still not known who created the fake version.

[Images – Zapiro]