American astronaut Reid Wiseman has made social media history and given the world a glimpse into what space is like after posting a Vine showing a timelapse of the earth orbiting the sun in 92 minutes. And it looks amazing.

Wiseman tweeted the Vine from the¬†International Space Station along with the caption “1st Vine from space! Single Earth Orbit. Sun never sets flying parallel w/terminator line #ISS #Exp40”. The terminator line is where day and night meet on earth and because of that, the sun never sets there.

Wiseman is no stranger to using Twitter to show his followers what the earth looks like from the ISS’s journey in space. Check out his timeline to see breathtaking shots of his view of China, Dubai, Florida, Egypt and more.

And here’s Wiseman’s Vine below.

[Source – The Next Web. Image – file]