Apple products tend to insight an almost religious fervour in their owners who almost seem to be willing to spend any amount of money on accessories tailor made for iDevices and Macs alike. A host of the crew happen to use the shiny silver personal computers as their day-to-day machines and as such we of course have compiled the definitive list of must-have accessories for your Mac.


1 – The Nifty Mini Drive

With the advent of flash-based SSD storage Apple decided to rid its range of notebooks of traditional, user-replaceable hard drives which meant that you could no longer stick a larger capacity drive into your MacBook as storage started to become scarce. Thankfully all new MacBooks, with the exception of the 11 inch MacBook Air, come equipped with an SD card slot which you can use to bump up the storage of your Mac while still retaining its sleek aluminium finish.

It’s called the Nifty Mini Drive and it’s a microSD card adapter that fits perfectly flush with the outside of your MacBook’s exterior when inserted into the SD card slot on the side. The Mini Drive comes with a paltry 2GB card in the box however it supports all sizes of microSD card up to and including the largest currently available 128GB models. It also comes with a stylised removal tool to pop it out of your Mac should you need to use the SD card slot for something as old school as an actual SD card. Not all Macs are created equal and as such you’ll have to find the right Mini Drive for your Mac.

The Nifty Mini Drive is available from all of the iStores.


2 – Snap-on MacBook hard shell

While the aluminium exterior of your MacBook is certainly hardier than many of its plastic contemporaries the inevitable scratches and even dents will undoubtedly happen to many of us. Thankfully Apple’s insists on keeping the design of its MacBooks so similar from year to year allowing accessory manufacturers to create snap-on cases that contour perfectly to the edges of your Mac. There’s not a whole lot of differences between the different brands available today although we are holding out for the new Tech21 covers when they arrive later this year after we got the chance to see their shock protection technology at work first hand (or finger at least).

Hard cases are available from the iStore as well as other online retailers like Shop and Ship.


3 – A good quality bag

There is nothing quite like a great notebook bag to make hauling your MacBook from one location to the next an absolute pleasure. When shopping for a good notebook bag we recommend starting with taking a look at everything you need to take with you and your MacBook such as, chargers, a mouse, requisite charging cables for your smartphone and even portable hard drives. Make sure that the bag you are about to buy has space for all of these necessities before you start lusting over a particular design or brand. If however you are looking for something particularly lust-worthy for bag shopping inspiration with all of the requisite pockets and soft-touch materials on the inside as well as some of the finest quality out there, you can’t go wrong with bags from Knomo of London.

Knomo bags are available form the iStore.


4 – iKlear and Wireless Wipes

Keeping your Mac clean inside and out is simple enough when you have the right equipment and as far as we’re concerned it doesn’t get better than the combo of Wireless Wipes to keep your tech clean on the run and the comprehensive iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit for a thorough clean at home.

If you’ve never seen a pack of Wireless Wipes, the quick run down is that they are anti-bacterial wipes that come in three different scents; pomegranate citrus, green tea cucumber and rosemary peppermint in resealable pouches containing 12 wipes each. The iKlear kit on the other comes with both a travel sized and a full sized bottle of each of the cleaning fluid bottles, microfiber “chamois” cloths and antimicrobial microfibercloth which explains why it’s called the complete cleaning kit.

Wireless Wipes are available from their website and iKlear is available from Shop and Ship.


5 – Internet everywhere with a MiFi

A computer without the internet is a sad thing to behold but that doesn’t have to be the case for you and your MacBook when you’re on the road. High speed, portable internet is easily obtainable in this day and age, so long as you’re willing to pay for the bandwidth that it entails. Of all of the portable WiFi hotspot generating devices we’ve had the pleasure to use our favourite is still the Huawei E5776 which you can snag from Afrihost (when it’s in stock of course). The E5776 is a winner because it supports both DC-HSPA+ as well as LTE connections and has amazing all day stamina from its monstrous 3 000mAh battery that dwarfs even a Galaxy S5’s paltry 2 800mAh power source.

The Huawei E5776 is available from Afrihost.