Dad, daddy, papa, baba or father – there are many names children use to call their fathers, but one thing remains the same, nothing comes close to feeling a child gets when they call out to their dad and he comes running to the rescue.

To celebrate dads this Father’s Day and the role they play in their children’s lives, beauty brand Dove has created a one-minute advert titled “Calls for Dad”, featuring toddlers and even adult children calling for their dads to come to their rescue, with the tagline “Isn’t it time we celebrate dads” at the end.

Only 20% of dads think the care they give is reflected in the media. It’s time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked”, Dove Men+Care tweeted.

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The advert is also a way of breaking the stereotype that dads aren’t interested in being hands-on with their children. This came to light after Dove conducted a survey with 1 000 fathers aged 25-54, where 13% said the media portrays fathers as responsible for childcare, while 61% said the media portrays them negatively.

You can watch the Calls for Dad advert below:

[Source – Mashable. Images – YouTube, Twitter]