I’ll admit, Batman games are becoming a bit long-in-the-tooth, and when Arkham Knight was announced I wasn’t the world’s most excited gamer. Not even news of the Batmobile making its first appearance could inspire anything more than a bored yawn. Still, I reported on it because, you know, games, but it just didn’t have me on the edge of my seat.

And then I saw the E3 video of it in action.

Holy impossible manoeuvres, Batman, that car is cool. I’m talking Knight-Rider-when-you’re-eight cool. And it’s not the looks that do it for me, either, it’s the clever wheel design that lets it strafe – the action of moving sideways while still facing your enemy – that does. Car combat is going to be so much less annoying now!

Before I get too carried away, you should probably watch the video below:

Ultimately, what this means is that this Batman might not suck, thanks to a city that’s big enough to drive in and a Batmobile armed to the teeth that controls like it’s not a car but a man on foot.

My only reservation is that Batman is not a killer and he doesn’t believe in using guns, which makes the carnage the Batmobile leaves in its wake in the video a bit of a puzzle. Perhaps the car offers him a bit of a moral blind-spot, or perhaps I’m misinterpreting the explosions and chunks of cars and enemies from the video as being less lethal than they appear.

Whatever the case, this new Batman is looking more and more interesting, and I’m now looking forward to playing it when it releases in 2015.

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